Transnational Governance Interactions

As transnational efforts to regulate human activity proliferate across a wide range of policy domains, the governance actors and institutions involved interact with each other in increasingly complicated ways, from cooperation to competition, convergence to conflict, and coordination to chaos.

These interactions have important but incompletely understood implications for the legitimacy, capacity, effectiveness and impacts of transnational governance. This website provides a forum for dissemination and exchange of information, ideas and knowledge about these Transnational Governance Interactions (TGI).

The TGI Forum is a public platform for researchers, practitioners and policy makers interested in understanding the forms, drivers, mechanisms, dynamics, outputs and impacts of transnational governance interactions, and how they might be orchestrated to enhance social equity, environmental  quality and sustainable development. Participating researchers  come from various scholarly disciplines and approach the subject from diverse theoretical, methodological and normative perspectives.

Initially focused on business and non-state actors, the research agenda encompasses a interactions affecting a range of state and non-state actors and institutions in a variety of domains beyond business and markets.

The initial phase of the project was funded by a Partnership Development Grant from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (Principal Investigator: Professor Stepan Wood).